A little over a year ago I created a post alluding to a short I had written for a competition. While the competition fell through a 6 minute video was produced by a truly lovely man named Robert Campbell through his business CCS Video in England. Also volunteering their time and talents were Alice Ryan and Kristian Evans as lead actors and Tony Maas in a supporting role. My dear friend  Stuart White (published author and screenwriter par excellence – see his page on which has only some of his accomplishments) and his best friend, the incredibly clever and brilliant photographer, Dave Thorpe graciously and generously showed up to lend support and encouragement as my representatives, as the trip to England for this was just not practically possible for me at the time. Also lending their time and talents to see this project to fruition were: aerial cinematographer and production assistant Roger Allen, assistant director and sound engineer James Skinner, production assistant Michael Winborne, composers Dimitrs Keramidakis, and Enrique Cervera, as well as the kind cooperation of City West Homes.

I will be grateful to all of these people – most of whom I will likely never meet – for the rest of my days, for bringing to life the singular vision I had and breathing life into characters which were only ephemeral specters in my head and words on a page, until these wonderful people created this brief moment which I now share.

While it is too large to place on this blog, the site for accessing this film is here: Neverland.

Please send comments and let me know what you think.

Thanks – Home School Mom Movie Mavin





OK BOYS AND GIRLS – I HAVE A CONFESSION. I wrote a two minute short and entered it into a competition – the challenge: what story could you tell in two minutes if your characters had only hours, or minutes before an Earth shattering – no last minute reprieve – meteor was going to hit Earth? I won one of the 50 spots. Stuart White, one of my guest reviewers, and, I am very pleased to say a good friend, won a spot as well. There are 50 shorts – 2 minute spots from 50 different screenwriters were or will be filmed and compose one 100 minute movie.

Although the video will not be out for a while yet as not even all the shorts have been finalized, Chris Jones – the orchestrator of the project – just released the trailer. Here it is.

So — the movie reviewer has had a hand in writing a movie. I am only one of fifty but win, lose, or draw I am complicit in Impact 50's creation.

While you won't be able to see my short until the film comes out, tell me what you think of the idea of the project in general and this trailer in particular. FYI none of the filmed portions of my short are in the trailer but there are some truly stunning bits shown.






Paris has Cannes. Park City, Utah has Robert Redford’s Sundance. New York City has Tribeca.  Christians have the Worldwide. Canada has the Toronto International. And my home town has  the Lake Charles Film & Music Festival. Now in its sixth year it attracts films and film makers from around the country. Shorts, documentaries and feature films abound, along with a yearly celebrity. Celebrities in the past have included Burton “Blazing Saddles” Gilliam and William “The Greatest American Hero” Katt.

2017-fest-main-poster-final-version_origThis year the festival is honored to host Kathy Coleman who played Holly in the 1970’s hit cult classic TV show Land of the Lost.

20171007_144606_HDRGenerous with her time and extremely approachable Ms. Coleman graciously agreed to allow  me to ask her a few questions concerning her experiences at the film festival, what she thought of Lake Charles, 51rk2FlkidL__AC_US218_her exciting new autobiography which is available on and her busy appearances schedule.

Watch the interview videos with the affable Ms. Coleman and head out to The Brimstone Museum in Sulphur for the last day of the festival – Sunday October 8, 2017 – where you can see dozens of creative independent film entries and hob nob with some of our most talented film makers.

I’ve always maintained that Lake Charles is a hidden treasure of talent – from theater to symphony, ballet companies to magicians. The Lake Charles Film and Music Fesitval proves we showcase film talent too.

The offerings are varied and there is something for every taste – from campy horror to film noir, from comedy short about a man in a gorilla suit to documentary about the blues scene on Long Island. If you can’t find something that appeals to you then you’re just not trying.

Go and support your own hometown film festival – or if you’re within driving distance come and check out film experiences that are just a little bit different – and ensure that there will be many more film festivals like this one in years to come.

CHECK OUT: or just drop by the Brimstone Museum at 900 S Huntington St, Sulphur, LA any time from 11 am – 5 pm Sunday October 8th.

ALSO plan to submit a creative entry of your own next year and have people coming from all over to see YOU!!!!

Kathy Coleman – where are you going next?

What is Chiller?

What’s next for Kathy Coleman?

Why did you write your book?

Where can we get an autographed copy of your book?

Where can we get a copy of your book?